Review : Bali Bohemia


The aptly named restaurant offers more than just a modicum of artisanal charm ubiquitous in many of its laid back counterparts in Ubud. Local and travelling artists lace every single inch of this tranquil Nyuh Kuning eatery with bursts of colors from their original artworks. Taking a seat on the open first floor terrace with the picturesquely verdant Monkey Forest as a background will have your hands itching for your smartphone to start Instagram-ming away. But which comes first? The transient exhibition wall displaying the wares of their artists of the month? The whimsical murals of vivid hibiscus or the all-seeing eyes? Or maybe the fiery bead-draped bar down to its beautifully hand-painted electrical fans? No less inviting is the low lounge on the upper floor, where the boho chic aesthetic comes in full-force with its authentic handmade Afghan rugs and colorful comfy cushions sprawled across the teak wood floor.








The menu, charmingly presented in the shape of a color palette to go with the entire artisanal theme, suggests an eclectic mix of delectable offerings for every taste, from Arabian to Mediterranean. My gastronomic experience at Bali Bohemia began with a flavor-packed Salmon Pesto Salad (Rp.52,000++) that brought a mouthful explosion of sweet acidity, and the Duck Spring Rolls (Rp.44,000++). The later was a peculiar yet extremely palatable union of creamy mash potato and tender spiced duck—one juicy bite and I was hooked. The restaurant’s piece de resistance, as expected, came in a bowl of even more succulently cooked duck in seasoned coconut milk and potato, The Javanese Duck Curry (Rp.88,000++). I narrowed my dessert down to the Chocolate Fondant (Rp.52,000++); the French dark chocolate concoction with vanilla gelato and strawberry sauce ended my meal on a sweet note.







Bali Bohemia boosts an extensive selection of beverages including healthy juice-fest, yummy smoothies, and even several wine options. But nothing chills you down better than their classic Strawberry Daiquiri (Rp.68,000++), the ultimate thirst quencher of strawberry and citrus slush.


in a nutshell

The ultimate melting pot for artists and dreamers—including you and your gallery-hopping friends—with a penchant for scrumptious dishes and relaxing drinks to while the afternoon away, this unhurried bohemian oasis is more than worth the tiny detour.


Bali Bohemia

Jalan Nyuh Bojog, Nyuh Kuning


T: +62 361 978 631



as published in Hello Bali Magazine’s Grazing page issue December 15

Text by Fitri Maharani

Photography by Hastosa



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